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The chalk of 8CPLUS is free of gluten, of heavy metals and without allergens, so that the user does not feel uncomfortable with the product and does not worry about an involuntary intake in the activity.

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The Chalk of 8CPLUS is designed to improve the user's grip on any sports surface, whether in the form of powder, crunchy, liquid or gel.

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Thousands of users around the world accredit our quality and commitment.

About us

8CPLUS was born in 1998 as a business project specialized in the manufacture of Chalk (Magnesium Carbonate) for Climbing and sport in general. Following the absence of Chalk blocks, 8CPLUS develops its own machinery for the manufacture of Chalk blocks. This is how our activity begins in 98.

Our main activity, is the manufacture and packaging of Chalk Carbonate and Rosin.
We are currently the only manufacturer that presents blocks of 120 g. in 12 portions of 4 x 3 cm. ideal size for direct use in the magnesium bag (presented in block of 120g and blister of 60g.). Powder packed in blister packs, jars and barrels. Said presentations range from 30 cl., To 120 L. We also present the Chalk in Balls (compacted at low pressure), 35g., 65g., 100g. and 75g. reusable.
Regarding the Rosin we elaborate diverse products: Rosin mixed with Chalk and rosin alone, Liquid Chalk, presented with Jerricans and bottle. Chalk in Gel with Glycerin, which guarantees the durability of the product for more than 5 years and helps to take care of the hands of athletes. Our Quality: The raw material (Magnesium Carbonate) used by our firm, is in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001, is accredited as a food additive (According to the limits of the E504 [¡¡], it has no presence of metals heavy (according to the limits of E504 [¡¡]), It does not contain any type of Allergen and neither does it contain Gluten.

Other products manufactured and/or marketed by us are the Chalk Bag, which is offered with a belt included, the tape (tape protection), to protect the fingers and phalanges of possible injuries (product certified as topical use).

We complement our activity with the distribution of the following items: Accessories for backpacks: Buckles and mounted tapes, presented in blister packs and loose of the ITW signature. Accessories for the camping: Pickaxes (aluminum, steel and fiber), winds, rubber bands, tensioners, clubs, ... Instruments for orientation: Compasses and altimeters.

I & D (Investigation and Development) In our desire to excel, and during these years we have launched new products on the market, which have made us evolve and gain confidence and commitment to our customers.We are currently researching to offer the climber new products: Stone colored magnesium, better quality and different texture (to avoid visual contamination), Magnesium in colors for competitions, Magnesium grain (to reduce product losses), etc. Within the scope of hand care, our firm already developed in 2013 the Gel of Magnesium that incorporates Glycerin, and during 2015 we launched to the market amoisturizing and repairing cream(accredited as a comsético product by Boreau Internacional de Bruselas), designed and developed for the athlete who is in constant contact with the rock. 8CPLUS is constantly evolving to offer the market the best proposal and meet the needs of athletes.

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