8cPlus grows while looking for new sustainable solutions (Diffusion sport)

8cPlus has evolved positively during the first semester, with a growth between 7 and 8%, according to Eduard Domínguez, manager of this Barcelona company, world leader in magnesium for sports practice, in the stand installed by the company in OurDoor. “We are confident that the year will be completed along the same lines; above all due to the growth of the international market, which accounts for more than 80% of our business”, he added.

Italy, France and Germany remain the main export destinations for 8cPlus, which is also currently strengthening “the British market, where we are seeing an intense opening of Crossfit centres in response to the needs of companies to encourage physical activity among their teams, especially executives, and thus improve their quality of life”. Likewise, the Russian market is another market where the company wishes to emphasize “the dimension that leisure is acquiring in that country, traditionally unattended”.

Compostable bags for packing magnesium in crunchy and powder form

At the moment, 8cPlus is considering the incorporation of compostable bags to package its magnesium types in crunchy and powder form, as well as the ecological version in grey, which is served in 1, 3 and 7.5 kilogram packages. “In response to customer demand, we want to give a second life to these bags, which were already recyclable, but now we will facilitate this new use. They will be made from potato, corn or eucalyptus peel, so they will be compostable material”, explains Domínguez, who also warns that this solution will come to the market accompanied by an 8cPlus image change and that it will see the light of day next year. “We have to check that these alternative containers work perfectly, given that magnesium is hygroscopic and absorbs humidity, so we have to guarantee that magnesium will be treated well”.

"We'll go where most climbing firms go"

With regard to the next edition of the fair, Eduard reveals that “we will go where most climbing firms go. Logistically, Munich is more efficient; but we must acknowledge the bucolic component of Friedrichshafen…”. 

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