8cplus liquid magnesium, 70% alcohol (Desnivel)

Effective against bacteria and viruses


8cplus liquid magnesium, 70% alcohol


With the arrival of the coronavirus, a new product has taken on importance in the field of climbing: liquid magnesium which, in addition to fulfilling its task of drying our hands of sweat, is also effective against viruses due to its high percentage of alcohol. We have tested the 8cplus product, manufactured in Barcelona.



It is not a new product, liquid magnesium has been in the climbing world for many years, being used mainly in climbing walls and bouldering. However, in these times of global pandemic by covid-19, it has taken on extra importance as a protective measure, as its high alcohol content makes it an effective disinfectant against viruses and bacteria.

However, it is a magnesium that has its limitations, as we cannot carry it in the magnesium box and use it during climbing. Its application is limited to the beginning of the climb, when we are on the ground, being the last step we would take before starting the route or the block. It is highly recommended for use on climbing walls, where the risk of contagion increases due to the high influx of people. In fact, many of the climbing walls that have been reopened after confinement prohibit the use of any type of magnesium other than liquid.


To use it correctly we have to follow three simple steps:


  • Shake the bottle
  • Apply to the hands with moderation (a few drops are enough, we should not fall into the common mistake of overdoing it)
  • Allow the hands to dry for a few seconds, shaking them to speed up the drying process, so that you can clearly see them turning white and, without further ado, climbing!


8cplus, magnesium made in Barcelona


8cplus is a company that has been manufacturing magnesium since 1998. Its varied catalogue, which includes powdered, crunchy, block and gel magnesium (as well as magnesium chests and other accessories), includes liquid magnesium or chalk fluid.

In its composition, apart from magnesium carbonate (of dolomitic origin), it includes a high percentage of alcohol (over 70%, which is the percentage above which it is considered a disinfectant) and a thickener.

They manufacture two versions, with or without colophony, which is a natural resin obtained from conifers that helps to increase adherence, remaining longer on the hands when the alcohol evaporates (although it ends up leaving a trace on the prey). In the version without rosin, the alcohol is mixed with a natural component to improve adherence, which is soluble in water. The latter is particularly suitable for use in rock climbing, as it is soluble and easy to wash, allowing the dams to be cleaned quickly.

It complies with the ISO 9001 quality standard, as well as having the certificates that guarantee it is free of heavy metals and allergens.

It is presented in very different containers: 100 ml, 125 ml, 200 ml, 250 ml and 5 litres, adapting to the different needs of the users, with prices ranging from 6 to 18 euros.


Assessment after the tests


We have used 8cplus liquid magnesium both in rock and on the climbing wall. It has proved to be very effective for its main purpose, which is to dry hands from sweat. It is easy to apply and spreads easily, just a few drops are enough to cover the hands well. One of its strong points is that it dries quickly and lasts on the skin for a long time. Knowing that it meets all the requirements of the regulations gives additional peace of mind, and its nearby manufacture (in Barcelona) is another argument in its favour.

The 100 and 200 ml formats used have an effective, hermetically-sealed click system that allows them to be carried comfortably in the rucksack without fear of coming out and staining the rest of the material. We have also tested the 125 ml “jerrican” format, with a screw cap and anti-drip system, which is equally comfortable to carry and use on the climbing wall or rock.


Main advantages:

  • Effective against viruses
  • Prolonged stay in the hands
  • Fast drying
  • Dust free (does not stain clothes)
  • Yields a lot (a few drops per use are sufficient)
  • Easy to transport

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