8CPlus liquid magnesium, twice as effective (esportiva aksa)

At a time when the COVID-19 has fully affected our daily lives, and with the gradual return to normal sporting activity, this product is one of the best solutions for use in climbing, especially in indoor climbing, where so many people use the facilities.

In addition to the well-known climbing performance offered by 8CPLUS’s liquid magnesium, whether outdoors or in the climbing hall, there is a virtue that could have gone unnoticed until now, and that is its high disinfecting power against bacteria and viruses thanks to its high concentration of alcohol.

The Liquid Magnesium of 8CPLUS is a compound that acts on the hands with the purpose of drying the sweat and increasing adherence, for sport applications like climbing, weightlifting, gymnastics, crossfit, paddle… It helps to keep hands dry in the most demanding situations.


The Liquid Magnesium manufactured by 8CPLUS has a concentration of more than 70% of Alcohol, for this reason it can be considered effective and with disinfectant capacity, against bacteria and viruses, in general. Likewise it favors the disinfection and helps to eliminate the contamination given to the use.


The liquid magnesium of 8CPlus is presented in containers of 100ml, 125ml, 200ml, 250ml and 5L. It can be supplied with or without Rosin.


NOTE: It is considered that a product is potentially disinfectant if the alcohol content exceeds 70%, in this case it could be stated that among other properties the LIQUID MAGNESIUM manufactured by 8CPLUS, is potentially DISINFECTANT.

This information provided by 8CPLUS is guaranteed and its traceability is accredited by the bibliography referred to antiseptics and bactericidal agents.


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