Frequently asked questions about our CHALK

What is the use of chalk in the world of sports?

Chalk improves the adherence and dry the sweat in the hands, avoiding slipping and losing strength because of it. What differentiates our chalk from the rest is our demonstrable quality, we have increased the absorption without the use of drying agents, the product is free of impurities such as heavy metals among others, we have quality seals that prove it is safe for sporting use

In which sports can that be used?

Our chalk can be used in any sport in which adherence is needed, from climbing to yoga, through paddle, crossfit and gymnastics.

Does 8CPLUS distribute nationally (Spain)?

We distribute internationally and nationally (Spain) we have 1 authorized distributor. (Esportiva Aksa)

Can 8CPLUS chalk be ingest?

Our chalk is free of impurities and has a certified conform is a food additive. Inadvertent intake will not cause any problems to the athlete, but we do not recommend direct intake and in large quantities.

Quality Certificates

What is the difference in product presentations?

We have designed our product presentations so that it adapts better to each athlete and the place where he wants to use it. For example:

-Powder Chalk: Designed to be used outdoors, outdoor climbing, street working.

-Crunchy chalk / block / balls (Compact): Designed to generate less dust in enclosed spaces, indoor climbing, crossfit box or gyms.

-Liquid chalk: Designed to avoid generating dust in closed spaces.

This would be a recommended use according to the place, each athlete is free to use any product presentation that best suits him.

Why is there no price?

There is no price because we are a wholesale company and we do not sell to the general public, only wholesale.